Title: Small Unit Leadership: A Commonsense Approach



Publication Date: 06/01/1983

ASIN: 0891411739

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Book Description:

What does it take to get the job done? How do you get the men in your unit to do what you say? To follow you into battle and shoot to kill? How do you build the confidence that spurs men on to do their job, to stand by their leader and each other? These are some of the questions that “Small Unit Leadership” attempts to answer.

Book Contents:

1. The purpose of Small Unit Leadership

  • Task
  • Conditions
  • Standards

2. What is Army Leadership?

  • Definition
  • The Basics of the Battlefield
  • Organizational Leadership
  • The Workings of Will
  • Leadership and Management
  • Military Leadership is Different
  • The Principles of Leadership
  • Leadership Traits
  • Definition of Army Leadership

3. How to figure out the Right Things to do

  • The Golden Rule for Doing the Right Things
  • The Company
  • Three Basic Leadership Procedures
  • The Chain of Command
  • You as a Link in the Chain of Command
  • The NCO Support Channel
  • 100 Tasks, Competing Demands, and Shifting Priorities

4. How to develop Soldiers

  • Leadership Arithmetic
  • Skill and Will
  • Building Skill
  • Individual and Collective Training
  • Who Does What
  • What’s Most Important
  • All the Time, Every Day, Anywhere
  • Building Will
  • Able and Willing
  • The First Ten Days
  • Developing Leaders
  • Leadership Malfunctions
  • Soldier Values

5. Small – Unit Teamwork

  • The Basic Mechanics of Teamwork
  • Teamwork: The Individual Fighting Position
  • Teamwork: Dismounted Drill
  • Teamwork: Five-Paragraph Field Order
  • Teamwork: Strategy and Techniques
  • Teamwork: On the Battlefield

6. Putting Skill, Will, and Teamwork Together

  • Your Team: Low Skill, Low Will, Low Teamwork?
  • Your Team: High Skill, Low Will, Low Teamwork?
  • Your Team: High Skill, High Will, Low Teamwork?
  • Your Team: High Skill, High Will, High Teamwork?

7. Leadership Skills

  • How to Listen
  • How to Process Information
  • How to Transmit
  • How to Be a Self-Starter
  • How to Plan
  • How to Manage Time
  • How to Make Meetings Work
  • How to Set Standards
  • How to Delegate
  • How to Inspect
  • How to Maintain Good Performance Levels
  • How to Provide Corrective Feedback to a Soldier
  • How to Reward Individuals
  • How to Bring Smoke
  • How to Handle a “Sharpshooter”
  • How to Counsel
  • How to Use the EER and OER to Improve Performance
  • How to Check Unit Performance
  • How to Provide Feedback to Teams
  • How to use Team Rewards
  • How to Use Team Punishment
  • How to Motivate
  • How to Prepare for Stress
  • How to Handle Fear on the Battlefield
  • How to Build a Winning Attitude
  • How to Supervise
  • How to Ask the right Questions


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